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My name is Miss Courtney and I offer private tutoring in Ridgefield, CT specializing in multisensory literacy instruction for struggling readers at a K-3 reading level. I also provide creative learning solutions for homeschool families through one-on-one and small group learning services.

What do my services include?

I provide custom packaging that can include parent consultations, assessments, one-on-one and small group tutoring. 

What is my approach?

  1. My approach centers on three core beliefs: clear communication, flexibility, and adaptability.

  2. I use a structured literacy approach fused with elements deeply rooted in multisensory learning practices well suited for students with overstimulation and focus difficulties.

  3. I infuse holistic and creative multisensory learning opportunities to facilitate a natural love of learning with games, movement and mindfulness.

Why do I tutor?

It's about helping students learn not just the facts, but to find confidence and empowerment in overcoming our hardest obstacles. By connecting with not just my students but their parents, we create a special and supportive place where learning feels exciting and safe.


It's about sparking that love for learning that stays with them long after our lessons end.​​


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