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Creative Learning Solutions

with Miss Courtney


I'm Miss Courtney, and I'm thrilled you're here! If you're a parent with a child in elementary school or homeschooling, looking for additional support or connection with other students, you're in the right place! I offer individual and small group tutoring in Ridgefield, Connecticut, filled with custom creative learning solutions to support your child.


Below, you'll find the subjects and curriculums I offer for elementary students. From this selection, we'll craft a personalized tutoring plan tailored to your child, whether they're in school or homeschooled. All tutoring sessions are infused with custom programming and creative learning solutions, made for each child's individual learning needs. My chosen curriculum draws from effective strategies used in both classroom and homeschool settings, while my custom programming brings unique supplementary resources to best suit your child's learning style, creating a perfect individual and small group learning experience.

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Phonics tutoring integrates the Reading Roadmap Phonics Curriculum with Custom Programming. These tutoring sessions comprise introductory lessons to each phonics rule, alongside loads of creative multisensory games, for a well-rounded reading instruction.


In our reading tutoring sessions, we will prioritize read-aloud activities aimed at enhancing reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar and critical thinking skills. Families also have the option for students to be assessed using the A-Z reading levels to identify independent reading levels for home reading purposes. These sessions merge Custom Programming with the Rooted In Reading curriculum.


Phonics, reading and writing assessments are available upon request following the required initial placement assessment. These assessments include a meeting with the parents to discuss results and progress and are conducted by the end of each unit or quarterly, depending on the curriculum. A written document of progress is shared via OneDrive and paper copy in the student's tutoring folder/binder.


The writing tutoring sessions focus on elementary learners' writing fundamentals. Our curriculum combines Custom Programming with lessons and activities from the Susan Jones Teaching Writing Club. This provides an all-in-one writing experience for your students, making learning fun and easy with the latest research-based methods.

Whole Child

Whole-child tutoring is a holistic learning session that focuses on concepts such as social-emotional learning, nature, mindfulness, character education, executive functioning, and social skills. Through custom programming and curriculums like The Little Spot Curriculum , students have the opportunity to grow and connect, continuing their learning journey.

Alternative Curriculum

Alternative curriculum options is available to assist families who wish to adhere to their chosen curriculum or enhance it for a slightly higher rate. Families can supplement or replace other curriculum options, whether chosen independently for homeschooling or provided by schools, for an additional fee. I understand the importance of accommodating families' individual homeschooling plans and offer creative learning solutions to help implement them."


All tutoring sessions are conducted in the following areas:

Ridgefield Library

Sessions conducted in the Ridgefield Library will take place in a reserved tutoring room with access to hundreds of books and a peaceful and quiet place to focus and work.

Ballard Park

Across the street from the library stands Ballard Park a beautiful open park perfect for outdoor learning on a nice day. With a gazebo, picnic tables or blanket to sit down and learn. A fun bonus is the busy playground is the perfect place to explore afterwards, make some friends, get out some energy and enjoy the sun!

Queen Bee

Just a block away is Queen Bee Coffee Company owned by a fellow homeschool family this beautiful coffee shop's downstairs area is the perfect space for individual and groups as well as a nice spot for parents to relax and enjoy a pastry while session takes place. 

Throughout The Years Miss Courtney Has Offered

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