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Are you searching for an engaging, themed, and comprehensive social-emotional lesson for your elementary classroom? Look no further! The Flavorful Feelings Ice Cream Lesson is the perfect solution.


Tailored for students in grades 1-6, this Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson refines descriptive writing skills and nurtures emotional intelligence. It effortlessly aligns with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, cultivating self-awareness, creativity, artistic expression, and critical thinking.


A standout feature is its adaptability. This lesson can be explored independently by students or seamlessly integrated into your existing curriculum, enhancing emotional and creative development.


What's Inside:

✅ Cover Page & Table of Contents

✅ Lesson Overview

✅ Educational Standards & Skills

✅ Lesson Plans (3 formats, including a teacher script)

✅ Discussion Questions for Class Conversations

✅ Two Student Interactive Instruction Sheets

✅ Three Student Worksheets, Varied by Level


Plus, Stay Tuned: Keep an eye out for additional extension activities and whole-based supplemental alternatives coming soon!

Flavorful Feelings - Ice Cream Social Emotional Learning Activity // Grades 1-6

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